This directory contains the Dec. 12, 2000 GenBank freeze ordered and 
oriented according to the corresponding fingerprint map and genome 
layout from Wash. U., taking into account overlap between fragments 
and bridging mRNA, EST, plasmid and BAC end pairs. Chromosomes 21 
and 22 are the finished versions as obtained from NCBI. This directory 
includes the following files: - The working draft sequence one file per 
    fingerprint contig (clone layout) in Fasta format.  Unpacks
    with one directory for each chromosome and one subdirectory for each
    fingerprint contig. - RepeatMasked version of (with
    N's in place of repeating elements.) - Description of how the working draft was generated from
    fragments at a contig layout level. - Similar to, but it unpacks to one file per
    chromosome. - RepeatMasked version of - Similar to, but it unpacks to one file per

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