This directory contains the Apr. 2006 assembly of the D. melanogaster genome
(dm3, BDGP Release 5) in one gzip-compressed FASTA file per chromosome.

This assembly was produced by the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project.
For more information on the D. melanogaster genome, see the release notes:

Files included in this directory:

  - chr*.fa.gz: compressed FASTA sequence of each chromosome.

    Repeats from RepeatMasker and Tandem Repeats Finder (with period
    of 12 or less) are shown in lower case; non-repeating sequence is
    shown in upper case.

    RepeatMasker was run with the -s (sensitive) setting.
    The May 17 2007 (open-3-1-8) version of RepeatMasker and library release
    20061006 were used.

To download a large file or multiple files from this directory, we recommend 
that you use ftp rather than downloading the files via our website. To do so: 
    user name: anonymous
    password: <your email address>
    go to the directory goldenPath/dm3/chromosomes

To download multiple files from the UNIX command line, use the "mget" command. 
    mget <filename1> <filename2> ...
    - or -
    mget -a (to download all the files in the directory) 
Use the "prompt" command to toggle the interactive mode if you do not want 
to be prompted for each file that you download.

All the files in this directory are freely available for public use.
      Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - chr2L.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 7.0M chr2LHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 93K chr2R.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 6.5M chr2RHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 838K chr3L.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 7.5M chr3LHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 747K chr3R.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 8.5M chr3RHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 701K chr4.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 428K chrM.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 5.6K chrU.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 2.4M chrUextra.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 7.4M chrX.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 6.8M chrXHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 59K chrYHet.fa.gz 2007-06-21 11:05 78K md5sum.txt 2007-06-21 11:07 706